MISU weather station is located on the roof of the Arrhenius Laboratory on Frescati Campus. It is provided by Pessl Instruments. Measurements are performed every 10 minutes and updated every hour on the MISU website. The temperature, relative humidity as well as the dew-point temperature are detected with a HygroClip sensor which is mounted in a convection shield. The wind monitor (R.M. Young) measures the horizontal wind speed and direction. Atmospheric pressure is measured by a barometer. Precipitation rate is detected by a rain gauge with a tipping bucket. The rain gauge is heated during the winter. Downwelling radiation is measured with a pyranometer (Kipp & Zonen). The main power supply for the weather station is a rechargeable battery charged by a solar panel.

Webpage and charts: Laurent Brodeau, Python Matplotlib / Station guru: Friederike Höpner

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